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Frédéric SWIDERSKI, Managing Director at Segment Training & Services works as an In-company Business English Trainer. We teach directly on the premises, in the services sector or inside production facilities. We have been specializing in training professionals in the construction, maintenance or refitting of military aircraft and weapon systems. We have been educated and have worked in both Canadian and French environments; our previous work experience has given us a much diversified track record in both public and private sector HR, training and organizational change management. This unique blend allows for an accurate and documented approach of language needs inside companies. We use innovative TEFL student talking time based techniques.

Former en Anglais

Who are we ?

The latest evolutions in language training tools and methods are in fact part of a revolution: e-learning platforms, mobile language apps, with a mix of fun and real contents, Moocs. All these products are meant to be easy to use and reassuring, allowing for quick and fun multiple choice quizzes and games.

But when it comes to training professionals in the kind of Business English currently in use in their trade, this is when the specialized language consultant comes in.

His expertise is key in creating a program that is exactly adapted and adaptive :

  • grading language and duration

  • alternating between essential grammar review

  • and finally role-playing or production

  • using real-life business situations

Updated authentic material, text (books, articles), audio and video files, YouTube tutorials or TEDTalks, we use the most relevant and stimulating tools and documents. Linking all this with the Company’s business environment and current organizational changes is the key. This is how we understand the need for “Business English Training”.

Powerful Presentations

Be prepared to speak in public
Adapting to your audience

There are more and more professional situations when you’re expected to address an audience in English: welcoming a delegation, guiding a tour, defending a project, a budget, selling a commercial proposal, commenting your monthly results, a detailed dashboard, presenting in a meeting/during a conference call in your field of expertise.

Controlling your image

These professional events can impact your career and are a reflection of your Company’s image. Recent polls have shown that very few people have had dedicated training on these techniques.

Mastering the key skills and techniques

But the difference is stunning: mastering a few simple tools will allow you to step up from merely commenting a deck of slides to delivering a fun and convincing presentation, using today’s Business English.

Here's the program you need !

This dynamic training program is called Powerful Presentations. It has been adapted and tailored to fit two formats. Both programs include : how to structure your presentation, make it easier to understand and follow, how to adapt the contents (to your audience, to time limits or a specific setting), how to use rhetorical techniques : get attention, keep it and deliver your message effectively, how to best use your voice, hand gestures and all available space to interact with the audience, how to take back control over the PowerPoint tool ; it should just bring visual support to your presence as a speaker, how to conclude and open for discussion, how to be prepared for questions

For further info about adapting this program to your specific needs, scheduling and pricing, please contact us

Areas we work in

We are available for work in Paris-La-Défense, and the Bordeaux Metropole areas. We also cover all others zones with e-learning, both by phone and Skype.

Paris La Défense
Bordeaux and the Northwest region



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